Only 2/10 students are women

Why are there no women enrolled in the engineering of the Polytechnic of Ferrol?

That is what those responsible for the two schools of Esteiro and Serantes ask themselves. The low presence of women in technical degrees is a reality that responds to all Spanish universities and also to the statistics of the Ferrol campus.

Of this gender gap is the technical career of the campus that is in Engineering in Industrial Design, where women represent 52% of the global number of students.

Mrs. Ana Jesús López, director of the Office for Gender Equality (OIX) of the University of A Coruña: “We can not afford access to the talent of half of the population, and this is a question of rights and equality. The studies say that careers STEM (science, technology, mathematics and engineering) will be easier to use and improve in the future, but if women do not access these studies, inequality will increase ».

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