The Ferrol campus awards the prizes of the First Humanist Micro-story Competition, Photography of Libraries and Monologues

The Hall of Degrees of the Faculty of Humanities and Documentation hosted on Saturday July 14 the act of delivery of the prizes of the 1st Humanity Contest that promotes the Vice-Rector of the Campus of Ferrol and Social Responsibility and the Industrial Campus of the University of A Coruña. ESO and Bachillerato students from all Galicia submitted their micro-stories, library photographs and monologues to choose a prize in each of these categories. The rector, Julio Abalde, presented the prizes to the winners. “My first day at the university” was the topic addressed in the micro-stories and monologues. In which reaches the photographs, these served to enhance the value of libraries and encourage reading among the newest. Winners and finalists received a copy of the publication that includes the best works of this edition.

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