El "Allure of the Seas": el nuevo desafío de Navantia tras el "Oasis"



Navantia takes hold in the cruise ship repair sector with Royal Caribbean. After the success of the Oasis of the Seas reform, the next challenge of the Cádiz shipyard is the remodeling of its twin ship, the Allure of the Seas.

Bobby Brown, cruise director of the Oasis of the Seas, emphasizes that “there are few shipyards in Europe capable of taking on such a work; for us, the deadlines are fundamental and with Navantia we are very happy”

Up to five Royal Caribbean cruise berths are scheduled in the Bay of Cádiz for the coming months. This week the Rhapsody of the Seas has been added to the Oasis of the Seas, which this Sunday reached the dry dock of Navantia Puerto Real for a 12-day beaching. In this case, the staff that will be working on the remodeling is significantly smaller, with an average of 175 people although a tip of 250 and about 26,000 hours of work could be reached, according to Navantia sources.

In January, the Freedom of the Seas will arrive to undergo maintenance operations, and by March 12 the Allure of the Seas will arrive, an old acquaintance as it already passed in 2015 through the dry dock of Navantia Cádiz. The Allure of the Seas will undergo an operation similar to that of the Oasis, so it will remain in the shipyard for almost two months.

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