The new president of NAVANTIA, Mrs. Susana Sarriá, has held this Thursday in Madrid a meeting with her predecessor, Mr. Esteban García, by way of transfer of powers. “The company will continue to be an important driver of wealth, we will pamper industrial employment,” said Mrs, Sarriá after the meeting.

In the opinion of Mrs. Susana Sarriá, the first woman who presides over the company throughout its history, “the industry must contribute to end the gap in unemployment that separates the most disadvantaged areas of the rest of Spain.” In this context, it has placed value on NAVANTIA’s role in those areas where its shipyards are located, in which “it contributes social cohesion and generates as a whole 80% of the work of the naval sector”.

Mrs. Sarriá has emphasized the contribution that the company makes to industrial GDP in Galicia, Murcia and Andalusia, the three communities where its main facilities are located. “Not only did I get NAVANTIA committed to this contribution to the industry, but I’m going to be fully involved to strengthen all the programs underway and to also explore all the commercial opportunities that come our way in the short and medium term.”

The new president of NAVANTIA has been certain that in this task that has ahead, which aspires to “face with continuity, not with continuity” is going to agglutinate the contest “of the Government of the nation, of the regional administrations and local and, of course, the workers and unions, with whom I also commit to go hand in hand. “

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