New methanol vessels with twice the fuel and lower emissions

The Waterfront Shipping company announced the incorporation of eight new vessels that will use twice the fuel of methanol. These vessels add to the existing fleet of 11 methanol-fueled vessels, recognized by the marine industry for the use of clean-burning methanol due to its lower emissions. This fuel also meets the strictest emission regulations. As a marine fuel, methanol reduces CO2 emissions in the sector by up to 15% compared to other conventional marine fuels.

According to the president of Frente Shipping Ltd, 60% of its fleet of 30 ships will be powered by low emission, methanol fuel technology. He highlights that this fuel is practical, cost-effective and safe for the commercial shipping industry in the post-IMO 2020 market.

The eight 49,999 dwt vessels will be built in South Korea at the Hyundai Mipo Dockyard and delivered to WFS between 2021 and 2023. Designed with MAN’s second generation B&W ME-LGIM two-stroke dual fuel engines, the Ships can operate on methanol or traditional marine fuels that allow for fuel flexibility. Additionally, methanol can be produced from renewable sources that offer a way to meet IMO decarbonization targets without major investments or compatibility issues with current dual fuel engine technology.

Methanol is one of the widely traded chemicals and is available in nearly 90 of the top 100 ports in the world. As a liquid fuel, the established fueling infrastructure for traditional marine fuels can easily be converted to use methanol.

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