Navantia-Windar to build 45 monopiles for the East Anglia 3

They will be built at the new facilities of the shipyard in Fene (A Coruña)

Navantia Seanergies and Windar will manufacture 45 monopiles for Iberdrola for the East Anglia 3 offshore wind farm. This is the largest contract of this type of foundations for Navantia-Windar to date. Production will take place at Navantia and Windar’s monopiles factory located at the shipyard in Fene (A Coruña). The order will involve 900,000 hours over 15 months and will start in June 2023. It will generate around 450 jobs between Navantia, Windar and collaborating auxiliary industry.

East Anglia 3 will be commissioned in 2026. It will have a generation capacity of 1,400 MW. In other words, it will be able to supply 1.3 million homes with clean energy. Navantia Seaenergies-Windar has manufactured monopiles for Iberdrola’s offshore wind farms in the United Kingdom, Germany, France and the United States. The monopiles will have a maximum length of 84 metres, weigh 1800 tonnes and have a diameter of 10.6 metres. These foundations correspond to the East Anglia 3 wind farm, which is located within the East Anglia complex in British waters and for which a substation and 42 jackets have already been built.


This is the largest order for the factory located in Fene, a facility in which Navantia and Windar have invested 36 million euros

At the Fene factory, a hall has been adapted for bending large-diameter sheet metal up to 16 metres in diameter. There are also new painting cabins and storage areas. As well as the latest technology equipment necessary for manufacturing.

“This contract is an important step for the Fene factory and for our participation in the offshore wind energy market, consolidating us as a manufacturer that can build all three types of foundations for an offshore wind farm. Our commitment to green energy is a commitment to more sustainable growth and, at the same time, to our country’s industry,” said the president of Navantia, Ricardo Domínguez.

For Orlando Alonso, CEO of Windar Renovables, “the new factory where this order will be produced allows our business alliance to provide a world-class service, of which Iberdrola will be the first beneficiary. We are leading global players, we incorporate our own innovations in our plants and we have more than enough capacity to meet the demand from wind farm developers”.


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