Navantia presents a program for the design of technological solutions for the shipyard of the future

The Navantia company and the Aimen Technology Center and the auxiliaries Electrorayma and Intaf presented the ‘F4ST’ initiative, which aims to identify, design, develop, implement and validate a series of technological solutions that will be integrated into the management system of Ferrol’s naval factory to work on a new concept of “modular, reconfigurable and flexible shipyard 4.0 that will focus on the manufacture of complex naval components”.

Work will be carried out in two areas that cover more than 60% of the Ferrol-Fene shipyard’s productive activity: the sub-block manufacturing line and the offshore wind component manufacturing line in order to improve response capacity in these lines integrating reconfigurable manufacturing cells improving production management

These lines will be transformed towards the 4.0 concept. Thus, the degree of automation of operations is maximized through the implementation of new technologies.

The application of these technologies will seek to make the shipyard a world benchmark and will have an important effect on an important increase in the efficiency and quality of the products, with a reduction in downtime and a greater control of the manufacturing processes.

In this way, the Navantia shipyards in Ferrol and Fene, dedicated to the construction of military ships and offshore structures, will acquire a greater degree of differentiation and consolidation in both sectors.

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