Navantia leverages Ansys digital transformation solutions to design next-generation ships

Ansys helps increase production efficiency, reduce costs and accelerate time to market.

Navantia and Ansys are substantially reducing design time and also increasing the performance of new generation navy ships such as the F110 frigates and S80 submarines.

Through a new strategic agreement, Navantia engineers will take advantage of Ansys solutions as part of Shipyard 4.0’s Integrated Business Management System, Navantia’s technological platform that includes digital technologies throughout the operational life cycle of ships of the navy to improve product quality and speed up production.

This collaboration equips Navantia engineers with Ansys’ broad suite of simulation solutions, enabling them to accelerate the development of highly advanced frigates and submarines, significantly reduce ship signals, lessen the impact of external and environmental threats, and produce components. lightweight and optimized.

The integration of Ansys solutions significantly improves Navantia’s simulation process and data management capabilities, it also automates engineering workflows through Navantia’s digital thread to increase operational efficiency. Additionally, the physics-based digital twins will help naval engineers monitor the performance and maintenance requirements of deployed vessels, thereby helping to promote the safety and productivity of naval combatants.

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