60th Naval Engineering Congress

The leading experts in Industry 4.0, logistics, simulations, artificial intelligence, intelligent ships, propulsion, operability, military naval sector, etc. met in A Coruña, between 20 and 22 October, as part of the 60th Congress of Naval Engineering and Maritime Industry.

The 20th began with a panoramic tour of the Paseo Marítimo, a visit to the Tower of Hercules and the viewpoint of Monte de San Pedro, followed by the inauguration, which took place in the auditorium of the University of A Coruña. Speakers included: Mr. José J. Troya, Territorial Dean in Galicia; Mr. Diego Fernández Casado, President of AINE; Mr. Gonzalo Trenor López, Territorial Delegate of the Xunta de Galicia in A Coruña; Mr. Juan Ignacio Borrero Vázquez, Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Institutional Relations, Tourism and Public Safety; and Mr. Julio E. Abalde Alonso, Rector of the University of A Coruña. This was followed by a keynote speech by Benito Núñez Quintanilla, Director General of the Merchant Navy.

Gonzalo Tenor remarked: “From the Xunta de Galicia we have the firm conviction that the future of the naval sector is to advance to Industry 4.0. We understand that this is the only possible path for an industry whose specific weight is vital for our community”. While Benito Núñez Quintanilla in his conference said: “the great growth that is expected with respect to the rest of industrial sectors is a great challenge”.

On the 21st, around 20 presentations were given on subjects related to industry and prizes were awarded to the most outstanding of the day. The first prize went to Industry 4.0: Application of machine learning techniques to the naval industry, by Iván Martín de Almeida; the second prize was awarded to “Giraolas”. An alternative to breakwaters, by Santiago Gil-Casares; while third place went to Siflow21. Predictive simulation of navigation channel and infrastructure capacity, by José Ramón Iribarren, Raúl Redondo, Raúl Atienza and Carmen Ayudo.

On 22 October there was a conference on Green Energies given by Mr. Ángel Fernández Rodríguez, Green Energies Commercial Manager at Navantia. Two round tables were also held, the first on Galicia’s Collaborative Industry, moderated by José J. de Troya, Territorial Dean in Galicia, and the second on Defence: Naval Defence Industry and Future Scenarios, moderated by Diego Fernández Casado, President of AINE. The closing session was led by José J. de Troya and Diego Fernández Casado.

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